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Acoustic Tiles & Clean Room Tiles in Clearwater & St. Petersburg, Florida

Cover your ceilings with acoustic tiles and other specialty products from Largo Acoustics Ceilings in Clearwater, Florida. From restaurant kitchens to medical facilities, our ceiling company offers a host of commercial solutions.

Full Fire Protection

Choose from a wide selection of Class A fire-rated tiles, ideal for use in kitchens and other food service areas. These tiles are the best in the industry, and will stay up for 2 hours in the event of fire.

Concentrating on Cleanliness

When you need to ensure sanitary conditions, choose from our great selection of mildew-resistant tiles. Perfect for cleanrooms, these tiles feature a special coating to repel dust, mildew, and other problems. In addition, we carry washable tiles that can be taken down for easy cleaning.

Advanced Acoustics

Control the noise with our complete line of acoustic tiles. Most often used in movie theaters, these versatile tiles are designed to prevent sound from traveling to unwanted areas,
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