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Dropped Ceilings & Suspended Ceilings in Clearwater & St. Petersburg, Florida

Update your business environment with dropped or suspended ceilings from Largo Acoustics Ceilings in Clearwater, Florida. No matter what type of business you operate, rely on our ceiling company to install a quality ceiling with aesthetic appeal.
Commercial Ceiling, Suspended Ceilings in Clearwater, FL

Dropped Ceilings from A to Z

A dropped ceiling is a secondary "false" ceiling installed below the existing ceiling to hide pipes, wires, and ductwork. Choose from an array of standard or deluxe panels to give your workplace a professional, clean look that absorbs sound.

Durable Quality, Reliable Service

Installed with an aluminum grid, our ceilings prevent rust and corrosion, a common problem in areas located near saltwater. Whether you have a new construction project or plan to remodel, we provide full repairs and installation in a timely manner.
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